Belly fat is the biggest complaint of my ESSENTRICS® clients. I also struggled with it, so I started researching the best ways to lose it. Keto and Intermittent Fasting kept popping up. After listening to Dr. Eric Berg's youtube videos I became convinced this was the way to go. His scientific explanations of healthy Keto make the most sense. But "the proof is in the pudding"! People's bodies are being transformed by this way of low carb eating. I am a certified Keto/Intermittant Fasting Coach under Dr. Berg's training. I can help you get into ketosis, get healthy, feel great, AND lose weight. It's really exciting when you start to get results. It has worked for me! When you, too, start to experience the excitement of reaching your health goals you won't even miss the high carb meals anymore!! 

Get healthy with Keto to lose weight! 


 Newport News, VA

30 min. Consultation: $20/30 min.

1 Hour Coaching:


8 week package:


(Couples receive a discount.)

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